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Fitting And Couplings For Drip LineFitting And Couplings For Drip LineFitting And Couplings For Drip Line

Fitting And Couplings For Drip Line

  • Type: Other Watering & Irrigation
  • Product name: Fittings And Couplings For Drip Line
  • Brand Name: Plentirain
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 16mm 20mm
  • Usage: Controlling the water
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Color: Black
  • Qty/Ctn: 2000
Fitting And Couplings For Drip Line

  EC0112  Elbow Connector, Dn12 
EL0112  End Line, Dn12
EC0116  Elbow Connector, Dn16  EL0116  End Line, Dn16 
EC0120  Elbow Connector, Dn20  EL0120  End Line, Dn20 
EC0125  Elbow Connector, Dn25  EL0125  End Line, Dn25 
  OP0112  Offtake for PE Pipe, Dn12  OP0216R  New Type Offtake for PVC Pipe, Dn16 
OP0116  Offtake for PE Pipe, Dn16 
OP0117  Offtake for PE Pipe, Dn1/2" 
OP0120  Offtake for PE Pipe, Dn20 
  OP0112R  Offtake for PVC Pipe, Dn,12  OP0316R  New Type Offtake for PVC Pipe, Dn16   (Grommet, T typeDn20) 
OP0116R  Offtake for PVC Pipe, Dn,16 
OP0117R  Offtake for PVC Pipe, Dn1/2" 
OP0120R  Offtake for PVC Pipe, Dn20 
  EL0216  Barb End Line, Dn16  NP0112  Nipple, 1/2
NP0134  Nipple,3/4" 
NP0110  Nipple, 1" 
NP0132  Nipple, 1-1/2" 
NP0150  Nipple,  2" 
NP0163  Nipple, 2-1/2" 
EL0220  Barb End Line, Dn20  NP0175  Nipple, 3" 
EL0225  Barb End Line, Dn25  NP01100  Nipple, 4"
FC011612  Female Threaded Connector, Dn16*1/2"  SC011212  Female Nipple, 1/2"*/1/2" 
FC011634  Female Threaded Connector, Dn16*3/4" 
FC02012  Female Threaded Connector, Dn20*1/2" 
FC012034  Female Threaded Connector, Dn20*3/4"  SC013434  Female Nipple, 3/4"*/3/4" 
BL0116  Barb Connector for Lay Flat Hose, Dn16    SC013412  Female Nipple, 3/4"*/1/2" 
BL0120  Barb Connector for Lay Flat Hose, Dn20 
RC011612  Reducing Connector,  Dn16*12    SC021625  Saddle Clamp, Dn16*25 
RC012016  Reducing Connector,  Dn20*16 
RC012520  Reducing Connector, Dn25*20  SC021632  Saddle Clamp, Dn16*32 

MC011612  Male Threaded Connector, Dn16*1/2"    SR0112  Safety Ring, Dn12 
MC011634  Male Threaded Connector, Dn16*3/4" 
MC011712  Male Threaded Connector, Dn1/2"*1/2" 
MC011734  Male Threaded Connector,  Dn1/2"*3/4"  SR0116  Safety Ring, Dn16 
MC012012  Male Threaded Connector, Dn20*1/2"  SR0117  Safety Ring, 1/2" 
MC012034  Male Threaded Connector, Dn20*3/4"  SR0120  Safety Ring, Dn20 
MC012534  Male Threaded Connector, Dn25*3/4"  SR0125  Safety Ring, Dn25 
SC0112  Straight Connector, Dn12    HC0112  Hanging Clamp for PE pipe, Dn12 
SC0116  Straight Connector, Dn16  HC0116  Hanging Clamp for PE pipe, Dn16 
SC0120  Straight Connector, Dn20  HC0120  Hanging Clamp for PE pipe, Dn20 
SC0125  Straight Connector, Dn25  HC0125  Hanging Clamp for PE pipe, Dn25 
TC021612  Male Tee Connector, Dn16*1/2"    HS0112  Holddown Support, Dn12 
TC022012  Male Tee Connector, Dn20*1/2" 
TC022034  Male Tee Connector, Dn20*3/4" 
TC022512  Male Tee Connector, Dn25*1/2"  HS0116  Holddown Support, Dn16 
TC022534  Male Tee Connector, Dn25*3/4"  HS0120  Holddown Support, Dn20 
TC0112  Tee Connector, Dn12  SS0407  Support Stake,8cm Length, Dn7 
TC0116  Tee Connector, Dn16 
TC011612  Tee Connector, Dn16*12 
TC0120  Tee Connector, Dn20 
TC012016  Tee Connector, Dn20*16 
TC0125  Tee Connector, Dn25 
  TC0216  Tee Connector, Dn16    MS0137  Multiple Support,15cm Length, 3*7 

About Fitting And Couplings For Drip Line:

The product connect with pipe. It is very easy to use. These connector fittings are are single hose-barb on both ends. They are made of plastic and are automotive industry approved. High impact resistance and tensile strength.Resistance to fuels and lubricants. Commonly used in irrigation, vacuum system and general purpose applications. Great for Wet Cell lids. Can be used for Automotive, Boat, Irrigation, Hydroponic, Pneumatic, and Aquarium applications.

Drip Line Fitting And Couplings Detail Images:

About Plentirain:

Hebei Plentirain Irrigation Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the premier manufacturing and supply company for drip and sprinkler irrigation products in China. Our company has been accreditted by ISO certification already. We are following the internation production standards to improve product quality to meet the customers' need.
The company technical team consists of 13 Chinese top-rank drip irrigation experts with knowledge and proficiencuy covering all aspects of a drip and sprinkler irrigation enterprise.
One-off trade is not our goal, we are looking forward to build long term partnership with our customers by supplying good products and service.

Our Service:

Before sale: The professional sales representative answers your inquiry on time.
During sale: We help the buyer to choose the suitable product. We provide all the relavant product information to the buyer.
After sale: 1 year quality warranty period after shipment.
The company accept OEM production. 

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