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Disc filters 120 mesh (Y type)Disc filters 120 mesh (Y type)Disc filters 120 mesh (Y type)Disc filters 120 mesh (Y type)

Disc filters 120 mesh (Y type)

  • Type: plastic filter and a venturi nozzle
  • Country of origin: Hebei 49
  • Brand name: Plentirain
  • Model: Pearl River Delta
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: black, Red
  • Packing: carton
  • Applications: irrigation system
  • Delivery port: Tianjin
                                  Disc filter 120 mesh (type Y)


1. strong Virgin polypropylene (PP) change the filter body and affects the durability and pressure resistance.
2. is the rock to form a cylindrical filter unit with a disc filter, fixed disk duplication. Diagonal grooves is scale on both sides of each plate and depth distribution. When pressed on these two disks, grooving staggered filtration unit. Therefore, clear organic and inorganic impurities filtration unit, water filter is clogged water.
3. micro-irrigation system is by using microorganisms can effectively eliminate the flow caused the filter sand and water.
4. the BSP or NPT threads. You can customize the filtration accuracy, 40, 80120 mesh.

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5. size options to meet a wide variety of needs.
6. made from polypropylene can be persisted for long-life material.
7. easy installation and removal
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The bag and the carton.
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