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China manufacture Dn 16 mm black drip irrigation tape for agricultureChina manufacture Dn 16 mm black drip irrigation tape for agricultureChina manufacture Dn 16 mm black drip irrigation tape for agricultureChina manufacture Dn 16 mm black drip irrigation tape for agricultureChina manufacture Dn 16 mm black drip irrigation tape for agricultureChina manufacture Dn 16 mm black drip irrigation tape for agriculture

China manufacture Dn 16 mm black drip irrigation tape for agriculture

  • Type: Other Watering & Irrigation
  • Brand Name: Plentirian
  • Model Number: PRDT01
  • Diameter:16mm
  • Wall Thickness:0.15mm-0.5mm
  • Emitter Spacing:10cm-50cm
  • Flow Rate:1.38L/H,2.0L/H,3.0L/H,6L/H
  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Shipping port: Tianjin

China manufacture Dn 16 mm black drip irrigation tape for agriculture

Product code Diameter (mm) Wall thickmess (mm) Emitter spacing (cm) Flow rate (L/H) Working pressure (Bar) Roll length (m)
PRDT0116015200 16 0.15 20 1.38/2.0/3.0 1 1000/2000
PRDT0116015300 30 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116018100 0.18 10 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116018150 15 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116018200 20 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116018300 30 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116020100 0.2 10 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116020150 15 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116020200 20 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116020300 30 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116025100 0.25 10 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116025150 15 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116025200 20 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116025300 30 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000/2000
PRDT0116030200 0.3 20 1.38/2.0/3.0 1500
PRDT0116030300 30 1.38/2.0/3.0 1500
PRDT0116030400 40 1.38/2.0/3.0 1500
PRDT0116040200 0.4 20 1.38/2.0/3.0 1500
PRDT0116040300 30 1.38/2.0/3.0 1500
PRDT0116040400 40 1.38/2.0/3.0 1500
PRDT0116050200 0.5 20 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000
PRDT0116050300 30 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000
PRDT0116050400 40 1.38/2.0/3.0 1000

1: Production standard: GB/T19812.3-2008 (Equal to ISO 9261:2004).
2: Other specification can be customized.

2.Flat emitter of drip tape:

3: The maximum running length of drip tape:

4: Application of drip tape & Project cases in Zhangjiakou of drip tape:

1) Drip tape is widely used in drip irrigation project in greenhouse and land cultivation. It works efficiently on sugarcane, watermelon, chili, potato, tomato, onion, cucumber, eggplant, pawpaw and various vegetables, etc.

2) Zhangjiakou, a city which is closed to Beijing, most of its vegetables are supplied to Beijing directly. Zhangjiakou, one of Chinese five non-seasonal vegetable production bases, is called Hebei's Town of Vegetables. Zhangbei, one county in Zhangjiakou, is a big names as the Town of Potato. Drip irrigation in Zhangjiakou vegetable cultivation has become mature. With drip tape, the crop yield of vegetables has nearly doubled and it has brought farmers great bebefits.

5: Tips of installing and operating drip tape:
1) The operating pressure must be kept 0.5-1bar.
2) Drip tape must be laid down straight and the emitters should be kept upward.
3) Scratch, crush and trample should be avoided when drip tape is laid down and used.
4) When drip tape is used under mulch film, burn caused by water drop as a burning glass should be avoided.
5) Insect pest should be handled timely to keep crops and drip tape from damage.
6) Water, ferilizer and agricultural chemicals for drip irrigation system should be filtered, no less than 120 mesh. 

6: Advantages of plentirain drip tape:
1) Made by 100% vigin Polyethylene.
2) The actual meter of one roll is produced longer than the label stated.
3) No breakage for every roll, good for drip tape laying out by machinery.
4)  Safe cohesion of flat emitter
5) Production is strictly controlled in conformity with standard ISO 9261:2004. Inspection is carried out on diameter, wall thickness, emitter spacing, flow rate, bursting pressure, CV, Emission Uniformity, Carbon Black content, Hydrostatic pressure, Tensile strength.

7: Quality inspection of drip tape:

8: Workshop of drip tape:

9:Our Certificate

Packaging of drip tape:


1: Please can I have samples?
Yes, free samples will prepared for you collect.
2: What's your delivery time?
The delivery time is 15 days after receiving the payment, well noted.
3: What's the payment terms?
We can accept the T/T, L/C, Paypal, West Union off line and visa, master card and e-checking on-line.
4: What's the MOQ?
Kindly tell you the MOQ is 5 rolls (based on 2000m/ roll) or 10 rolls (based on 1000m/ roll).
5: What's the mode of transportation?
The mode of transportation is by sea, air or air express. 

our service:
1: Pre-sales
"Beyond your expectation always" is our promise to customers on quality and service. We strictly control each production process.
2: In sales
We provide customer with drip irrigation project design and installation guidance for free of charge.
3: After sales
The product quality warranty is 1 year after shipment. Within the warranty, we will replace the defected product with the same specification and quantity due to our manufacturing problem.

Contact us:
More details, please contact us directly! We will beyond your expectation always!!!
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