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16 flow capacity fertilizer injector16 flow capacity fertilizer injector16 flow capacity fertilizer injector16 flow capacity fertilizer injector

16 flow capacity fertilizer injector

  • Type: plastic injector filter & Venturir
  • Brand name: Plentirain
  • Application: agricultural irrigation system
  • Place of origin: Hebei, China (continent)
  • Shipping port: Tianjin, China
  • Item No.: PRVI0112H
  • Size: 1/2"
  • Flow Rate: 0.29-0.81L/H
  • Working Pressure: 0.7-0.95 Bar
  • Flow Capacity: 3-37L/H
16 flow capacity fertilizer injector
 Product name  Photo  Product code  Size  Qty/Bag Qty(Pcs)  Qty/Ctn  Ctn size(cm)  G.M(kg)
 Venturi injector    VIO112H  1/2"  10  150  42*28*21  6
 Venturi injector    VIO134H  3/4"  10  150  42*28*21  7
 Venturi injector    VIO110H  1"  10  120  54*35*28  16
 Venturi injector    VIO1032H  1-1/2"  1  60  54*35*28  11
 Venturi injector    VIO1063H  2"  1  20  54*35*28  11

1. It’s used to inhale various soluble fertilizers and inject them to irrigation pipelines with siphon principle. Crops are irrigated with uniformed fertilizers.
2. It operated with principle of pressure difference. When the control valve is turned down, the pressure will be different before and after the valve, thus water flow to low pressure from high pressure. With vacuum suction in fertilizer suction pipe, soluble fertilizers in fertilizer bucket is sucked to venturi and converged in main pipe for fertigation.
3. Working pressure is low (2-4 Bar) without any booster pump.
4. It is applicable for the fields with small irrigation areas, such as greenhouse and open field with small area.
1. Fertilizer injectors shall be selected according to crops and irrigation areas. Too large or small fertilizer injector is not helpful for effective fertigation.
2. If the above can’t be confirmed, fertilizer injector with small size can be selected for matching with fittings of fertilizer injector and mounting with main pipe in parallel. The fertilizer is injected by adjustment and control of water absorption. If fertilizer suction amount is confirmed small, suction time can be extended.
1. suitable for greenhouses irrigation system, spray system Micro of cucumber to fertilization of irrigation drip.
2 operating pressure is low, generally use the pressure for 2 to 4 kilograms of water pressure, no pressure.
3 ease of use, concentration of fertilizer of low cost, stable, without power external, easy to remove the replacement, reduce the financial burden on human fertilization.
Appropriate conditions:
1. suitable for greenhouses, greenhouse and area irrigation more small outdoor field is lower, such as fields.
2. suitable for drop by drop irrigation, micro nozzle, Ribbon of micro spray, like the little pipe for irrigation, irrigation system to save water in agriculture etc.
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