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2018 the second Kunming modern agricultural equipment exhibition

  • Author:Linda
  • Release on :2018-09-06
Date: August 27-28th,2018

Address:Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition overview

2018 The 2nd Kunming Modern Agricultural Equipment Exhibition (CMAEE) takes the common prosperity of Southeast Asia and South Asia as the development goal, based on the development status of the agricultural machinery industry in Southwest, Southeast Asia and South Asia, and explores the long-term development of the industry. This exhibition will continue to adhere to the "One Belt, One Road" development strategy, and is committed to building a final solution for the development of the agricultural machinery industry in southwest China and Southeast Asia, and to carry out activities such as cross-border industry cooperation, free trade, and agricultural machinery standardization discussions. Realize the precise connection between the production, sales and development of agricultural machinery industry products and the agricultural machinery bureaus, plant protection stations and agricultural machinery associations in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and create a shortcut for mutual benefit and win-win.

Exhibition products

Various types of agricultural aviation supplies, water-saving irrigation facilities and greenhouse facilities, high-efficiency agricultural machinery and accessories, intelligent sorting equipment, high-efficiency energy-saving plant protection machinery and equipment, agricultural product processing and storage equipment, environmental protection technology and equipment, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping refrigeration equipment, information Picking robots, advanced instrument testing equipment, all kinds of agricultural tricycles, motorcycles, automobiles; precision agriculture technology, intelligent temperature control related technology and equipment, modern sightseeing agriculture, Internet of Things, agricultural materials and other related products.

We-Plentirain mainly show drip tape,drip line,micro spray tape, accessories and filters.Drip tape, accessories and filters are the most popular products in Kunming market.Thanks to the high quality and excellent price of our products, customers are attracted to our stand.At the same time,we communicated with our peers, communicated relevant product knowledge, industry experience and market conditions at this exhibition, and surely we gained a lot.

Finally,We cordially invite you to visit Agri-link 2018 in Manila, Philippines that will be held from Oct. 4-6, 2018 at World Trade Center. Welcome to visit our booth(Stand No.13)and have a business negotiation!

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