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1. Why choose drip irrigation?
• Water Saving(ie.greater effiency and reduced losses);
• Reduced drainage hazards;
• Ability to utilise lower quality water;
• Reduced farm inputs;
• Increased land utilisations;
• Less on-site impact of nutrients;
• Cost savings(ie.energy,water,fertiliser)
• Increased distribution uniformity;
• Precision water application;
• Increased production per ML;
• Improved plant health(ie.salinity, fungal,nutrient management)
2. Why is filter needed?
Water in the drip lines lead through a small turbulent channel to make each dripper drip the same amount of water. Unfiltered water may clog these channels. Also well water must be filtered. Your water source will determine the kind of filter needed. No filter needed for town or city water.
3. What's your products' quality warranty?
We provide one year quality warranty after sales.
4. Can I have a free sample?
Yes.We are willing to suppy our clients free samples and you only need to bear the express shipping cost to your address.
5. What is your delivery time?
Whthin 15 working days after receiving 30% T/T as deposit.
6. What's the payment terms?
Paypal, Western Union, L/C all are available, customers can choose what they prefer.